Charity's Top 10 Tips for Greener Living


In a recent feature for Wiltshire Living Magazine, Charity shared her top 10 tips for creating an environmentally friendly home. Read on to explore practical ways to contribute to a greener lifestyle.

1) Insulate, especially walls and lofts. If you can't insulate walls, you can consider thicker curtains and draft excluders.

2) Turn the thermostat down and add a jumper! I think people got a bit used to wearing a t-shirt all year round. Adding a layer can really make a difference (and I'm a huge hot water bottle fan too!).

3) Have a reusables shelf in the kitchen with bottles, containers, and lunchboxes. You can then buy in bulk, which is cheaper, and take out just what you need without having to bring home any waste.

4) Cook in bulk so you don't turn the oven on so often - having a freezer to keep those extra meals fresh can also make a difference.

5) Use a shopping list and meal plan when ordering food online or going out to the supermarket. This really will help reduce food waster.

6) Use a washing line or clothes airer rather than a tumble dryer. I've got a Sheila Maid which hangs from the ceiling and is perfect for drying clothes in the winter. Laundry sheets are also a great eco-friendly space saver for laundry.

7) Reduce plastic by using solid bars in the bathroom - soap bars instead of liquid soap and our amazing Shower Blocks instead of shower gel. There are so many great eco-friendly choices these days.

8) Consider cleaning refill systems - we sell a lot of these, Neat and Mack are favourites with our customers. Basically, you reuse an old plastic bottle, or buy a new one but from then on just use a refill and add water at home. A lot less waste, and a lot less shipping water around!

9) Let plants/the lawn grow longer and give the lovely bees and insects a habitat where they can thrive.

10) If you don't need things anymore consider reselling through Facebook or Vinted or give to a local charity shop. I work with our amazing local hospice Dorothy House so they are always my go to for donations (or charity shop browsing!). At the end of the day, it's most important products that have used resources to be made, get to be used for as long as possible.