Shower Gel


    Natural Eco-Friendly Soap and Shower Gel

    Discover our wonderful range of natural soap and shower gel in bars that are made with natural, vegan, cruelty free and chemical free ingredients and are also completely plastic free! Our Shower Blocks  Solid Gel Bars lather just like a nourishing shower gel. We also stock Alter/Native who's eco credentials are superb and their great value products are skin and planet kind. Our latest additions, Neat are refillable too.

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    FAQs about Shower Gel

    Each block is made from a blend of six nourishing plant based oils and is cleverly formulated as a shower gel in solid form. It lathers up quickly with water and feels just like a shower gel on the skin, creating a flurry of bubbles and a creamy lather for a fast, fuss-free shower. Skin is left feeling fresh and nourished without that drying, squeaky feeling that can often be experienced when using some traditional soap bars.

    Using a solid soap bar or shower gel bar is one way. Another is to use refills like our Neat foaming handwash which is concentrated and sent in a small glass bottle that is easily recycled. Finally a large bottle of shower gel or handwash in a 100% recycled bottle will cut down the number of bottles you need to buy and keep plastic out of the waste stream for longer.

    All our eco friendly toiletries are also cruelty free and contain no animal products, making the whole range of environmentally friendly soaps and shower gels vegan friendly.