Zero Waste


    All of these products will literally leave zero waste and will leave absolutely no trace - they are supplied unpackaged or with packaging that can be home composted. The products themselves are biodegradable and can also be home composted at the end of their lives. 

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    FAQs about Zero Waste

    Home composting packaging material is better than sending it for recycling because the energy and resources required to collect, sort, clean and render the material reusable is still substantial (although less than producing virgin material) and it leads to a lower quality product, whereas home composting packaging materials benefits your composter and returns organic materials to enrich your soil.

    Home compostable items will breakdown completely and quickly into organic rich soil. They leave behind no harmful residues and they pose no harm to the environment if disposed of properly. They have a positive impact on the environment by breaking down into important nutrients soil needs to thrive. Products labelled compostable may have to be sent to a commercial composting site for the correct conditions to break down. These are not available everywhere in the UK and we find such labels a bit misleading so we prefer 'Home Compostable'

    A product described as biodegradable means it can be broken down by natural processes and organisms like fungi or bacteria.
    However, products labelled as biodegradable can take from one to one thousand plus years to break down. Biodegradable plastic bottles and bags for instance will take many hundreds of years to degrade into small pieces.
    Do biodegradable product always decompose into natural safe materials in the ground?
    Not always, micro plastics and other toxins may be present after. And not if they are buried in landfill site where light and oxygen are absent.