Plastic waste is a huge environmental and logistical problem. Cut down on the amount of plastic waste you produce in your home by using refills for laundry, cleaning products and personal care.


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    FAQs about Refills

    The average home buys 30 bottles of cleaning products a year. Buying a new, plastic bottles filled with cleaning product means a lot of wasted bottles to dispose of, wasted packaging and the fact that you are buying and shipping mostly water. Refills will reuse your existing spray bottles, have minimal waste and packaging to dispose of and cut down on the number of plastic bottles you have to throw away.

    Refill aims to reduce the millions of plastic water bottles discarded each year by encouraging the use of reusable drinking bottles, replacing millions of single-use plastic water bottles, and offering free water refill stations at participating businesses and partners around the UK

    Deodorants, hand washes, and laundry products are all examples of refillable items. Choosing these will cut down on your plastic waste.