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    Reusable straws

    Plastic and single use  straws can be a thing of the past with a reusable straw. As plastic straws are one of the top 10 most littered items, using one of our range of sustainably grown bamboo or stainless steel straws will cut down on plastic waste. 

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    FAQs about Reusable Straws, Lids & Accessories

    Charcoal water filter-this is by far the easiest, cheapest and most zero waste water filtering option.

    Adding a charcoal tube to your bottle's infuser will purify and mineralise tap water. It retains chlorine and releases calcium, potassium and other useful minerals. Bamboo charcoal has a reduced ecological impact compared to charcoal wood as it is faster growing, stores 5 times more carbon and absorbs impurities.

    Stop buying plastic water bottles these leech not only microplastics, but also chemicals into your drinking water. A stainless steel bottle with a lid designed so that no plastic comes in contact with your drink is ideal. Charcoal filters will help remove any toxins from your tap water.