Simple Living Eco

Husband and wife founders Dan & Diane started Simple Living Eco in 2019 after their young daughter had developed dry skin and rashes from her clean clothes. They were horrified at the amount of chemicals that were in mainstream detergents so switched to a mild one but were still unhappy at how much plastic was used, and the adverse effect on our planet.

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The story behind Simple Living Eco


Diane spent the next two years developing formulations and finding a manufacturer to make the concentrated sheets she was looking for. The result was an ultra-compact, easy to use and effective cleaning solution suitable for use in hot or cold water that was 100% biodegradable.

Simple Living Eco was born!


The business outgrew the kitchen table for Dan & Diane in less than six months, so they moved production to factory facilities in Europe. Since then Simple Living Eco has gone from strength to strength - the couple purchased machinery and in 2023 started production at their own factory located near to where they live in Yorkshire.

The whole family are involved - even Max the dog is part of the SLE team!

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    British brand Simple Living Eco produces effective eco-friendly and plastic free laundry detergent and multi-purpose cleaner sheets that are kinder to our planet and our skins. The sheets easily dissolve in water and are free from palm oil and harsh, toxic chemicals found in many mainstream detergents.

    Why I Love Simple Living Eco

    We've been selling Simple Living Eco's sheets for a few years now, and we're so excited that they're now made in Dan & Diane's own factory right here in the UK! Laundry sheets are one of those products that just make sense - why transport liquid around when you don't have to?! I find them particularly useful for travelling and will always have a few with me when I'm away for a few days just in case!

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