Co-founders Josie Harfield and Ryan McSorley met while working for one of the world’s largest eco-cleaning brands. It was there they learnt that most cleaning products were actually 90% water, less than 10% valuable ingredients, and packaged in single-use plastic. Frustrated by the lack of solutions to the single-use plastic crisis, and mindful of the fact that we have water in our homes, they had a vision to do things differently.

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The story behind Neat.


Using their combined experience in business strategy and product design, Josie and Ryan came up with a new concept in cleaning – stylish reusable aluminium bottles and powerful, concentrated plant-based refills, eradicating the need to ship water around the world and drastically reducing plastic waste.

This clever concept gave rise to the brand name – cleaning products served ‘neat.’


In September 2022 the Brand was immensely proud to become B Corp certified - a validation of its commitment to bringing positive change. B Corps are businesses with a conscience that are not guided by profit, but make the world a better place.

We think that's pretty impressive!

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    Neat Cleaning Products and Handwash

    Neat. is on a mission to help protect our planet by creating simple and effective solutions that inspire everyone to make more sustainable choices.

    Neat cleaning products are concentrated, so no more shipping unnecessary water and no more plastic bottles of cleaning products. Simply mix them with tap water in the reusable aluminium spray bottle and you have great cleaning products without the plastic waste.

    The plastic free refills are supplied in an easily recyclable glass and aluminium bottle. The concentrated liquid mixes easily, no waiting for anything to dissolve and no need for hot water. The super durable, reusable 100% recycled aluminium spray bottles really are a delight to use.

    Why I Love Neat.

    As we all look for solutions to make our homes more eco friendly, it can be hard to find products that are easy to use and low impact - and that is of course what products need to be to make us switch for good. I think Neat. has done a great job of designing a system that not only looks good, but also is REALLY easy to use! I actually find refilling my bottles quite therapeutic - and so much better than having piles of plastic bottles to recycle.

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