Reusable & Travel Cups


    Sustainable Reusable Coffee Cups & Travel Cups

    Cut down on your plastic waste and save money with a reusable coffee cup. Choose from our range of reusable cups for your daily coffee take out- or take with. They work for all hot and cold drinks too.
    Insulated cups from Hunu  will fit in your pocket or handbag so are super convenient. Just remember to take one with you!


    FAQs about Reusable & Travel Cups

    YES! Absolutely, it will save you money and cut down on the vast numbers of single use cups that end up in landfill.
    Download the Refill App to show places to save money on each hot drink purchased with a reusable.

    Staggering numbers - In the UK, 2.5 billion coffee cups are used and discarded annually. Only 0.25 percent of these cups, or less than 1 in 400, are recycled.
    Take a reusable and slash these numbers.

    Clean every day, either in the dishwasher if manufacturer guidelines show or wash in washing up liquid and warm water with a natural fibre brush. Keep dry between uses.