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    Eco-Friendly & Natural Cleaning Products

    We have a large range of tried and tested eco-friendly cleaning products and natural cleaning ingredients that genuinely work! Whether you favour natural, non-toxic, vegan, or plastic free - we have high quality cleaning products that are kind to the planet, from brands including Seep, Mack, Simple Living Eco and Neat.

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    FAQs about Cleaning Products

    Eco-friendly cleaning products are products that are kinder, in one way or another, to the environment than traditional chemical based cleaning products.

    The biggest environmental impact from conventional cleaning products comes from the chemicals they contain. The best eco-friendly cleaning products are free from harsh ingredients, instead using clever technology to create effective cleaning products such as non toxic enzymes, plant-based ingredients or natural ingredients.

    A huge amount of single-use plastic waste also comes from cleaning products. Our new generation style cleaning products use pods that you dissolve in water in a reusable plastic bottle, and saves on single-use plastic and transport.

    The biggest environmental impact from conventional cleaning products comes from the chemicals they contain, but also the single use, plastic packaging they usually come in- up to 30 bottles per year.

    On average, UK households already spend over £140 a year on cleaning products (, and due to a supply chain crisis on the raw materials and packaging, and increased cost of transport, a substantial price rise could be on the cards. However, there is plenty you can do to reduce the cost of cleaning in a way that is far friendlier to the environment.

    Brands such as MACK and Neat are effective and considerably cheaper than bottled eco-friendly cleaning products. They come as refill pods, meaning you can reuse existing spray bottles which save paying for packaging and transporting volumes of liquid. It cuts down on plastic waste enormously!

    The average household uses 30 bottles of cleaning products each year - many of them sit in the cleaning cupboard, taking up space and are only used occasionally. But are all those plastic bottles stuffed with chemicals really necessary? We really don't think so. For much of your cleaning, a single multi-purpose cleaner such as MACK'S Ocean Potion orNeat's Multi-Purpose Cleaner will do the job just as well, with only a few tasks requiring a specialist cleaning product.