How to save money and waste when out and about - and at festivals too!

It's summer and that means day trips, picnics, camping, and festivals!

But how do you eat drink and party outside without using single use, plastic and disposable items like cutlery, water bottles and snack packs? These are expensive as well as creating a mountain of plastic waste. 

Read on to find out! 

Create a green grab bag

  • Put together a small kit of items to take with you to help you be greener when you go out, and leave it ready with your keys so you don't forget it. The exact contents depends on your lifestyle, but I take a full water bottle, foldable shopping bag, reusable coffee cup (this collapsible coffee cup is super convenient).
  • Add a small container or bag with snacks to complete  kit.  

Check out this festival ready kit:



Reuse and refill

  • Download the Refill App  and keep your water bottle topped up all day for free with this great app that will show you where refill stations and public water fountains are near you. They could be in petrol stations, shops and cafes as well as parks and high streets. Your nearest one might be closer than you think! You might save a small fortune in places like the cinema or airport where bottled water can cost £3. And save so much single use plastics too.
  • Take a reusable coffee cup – it doesn’t have to be fashion statement piece, as long as you remember to take it! You will save money on takeaways at quite a few well-known places: Costa, Pret, Starbuck, Greggs, M&S. Up to 50p off! The Refill App will also show you your nearest. Check out your local independents too.

Take your own lunch to work

  • Savings of over £1000 a year have been quoted, per person! Every lunch bought at the supermarket/ takeaway will result in single use, usually plastic waste.
  • Snacks too – a container filed with bulk bought nuts and chocolate will save a considerable amount than buying a snack pack or bar from a vendor. These are almost always in plastic packaging. Take it with you so you are not tempted!
  • If you are out for a long day or passing by a takeaway on your way home, then you can use the empty container to pick up takeaways or a top up at a packaging free store. Try the Refill App for places near you that will use your own containers.

Remember your shopping bags

  • Those 10p bags add up and are pointless plastic that end up filling your cupboard space. Think about them If you are going clothes shopping or homewares too. All stores will charge you for a carrier bag and some of them are enormous things with the logo all over them - you are being charged to advertise for them!

Take reusable wipes on family days out

  • Make up a plastic/ leak proof (Tupperware) box with reusable wipes soaked in a gentle, natural hand cleaner – like this one below) made from Castile soap and essential oils and keep with you when out with the family. After building your den, you’ll want to wash your hands before you picnic. Save money on disposable plastic wipes that cause problems with their disposal.  



For these and more great money saving eco tips, head over to our Green Guide to saving money and the planet.