Top 10 alternatives to single-use plastics for everyday use

At Green Tulip, some of the most frequently asked questions we have are:

"What are the easiest/best/most impactful plastic swaps?"

We want to reduce plastic but sometimes it's difficult to know where to start so we thought it would be useful to list the top 10 alternatives to single use plastic that I use everyday, that save loads of plastic waste and are affordable.

 Plastic free swaps at Green Tulip

Top 10 alternatives to plastic 

In the bathroom

1. Salt of the Earth deodorant - refill and refillable stick. Perfect for those trying to reduce their use of disposable plastics, this 100% natural deodorant stick is packed in a 100% recycled plastic tube and is user friendly and durable. Refills are available in card tubes.

2. Scence lip balm is hand made from 100% natural plant based ingredients. It's designed to nourish, soothe and comfort dry and sore lips and - what's more - it's plastic free and totally compostable. A SPF30 version is also available, reef safe and plastic free.

3. A Slice of Green organic cotton facial pads are designed as a replacement for disposable, single use cleansing wipes or cotton wool and make a great addition to the plastic free bathroom. They're large, soft, washable and I love them.

4. Shower Blocks are just the best. A solid bar of shower gel, totally plastic free. The lime and sandalwood fragrance oils offer a wonderful citrusy-fresh and woody combination for an invigorating start to the day - I need it. Now available in 100% natural essential oils collection - divine!

In the kitchen

5. You can't get better than a dish brush with a replaceable brush head, which is available to purchase separately. Sustainably certified with plant bristles - it works really well and looks great by the sink.

6. Seep compostable sponge with loofah scourers. These natural sponges have a loofah scouring pad and are tough on stains and stuck-on food, but gentle enough for non- stick cookware. The sponge is absorbent and good for cleaning up spills and wiping down surfaces. Great for washing up and also for kitchen and bathroom cleaning. Completely compostable too.

7. All MACK biopods are plastic free. I particularly like the loo cleaner - To Rimfinity. This ocean friendly biotech toilet gel comes in a handy BioPod designed to dissolve in a squirty repurposed toilet gel bottle filled with warm water. Its gloopy consistency sticks to the bowl and continues to clean! Check out their reusable spray bottle made from Ocean Bound plastic.

8. A Slice of Green unpaper towels is my next choice. Absorbent, reusable and organic cotton. They will last and last and finally after a long and useful life, they will completely decompose in your compost as they are fully natural cotton. 

plastic free cloths and brushes at Everyday Green

Out and about

9. I do love my Qwetch insulated bottle, in fact we have four of them as my boys use them too. They're perfect for school, work, sports, holidays, days out. We rarely, if ever need to buy plastic water bottles anymore and are happy to ask at cafes for refills through the day. We all have the same type of bottle but different lids! Check them out!


10. And at the market, farm shop or supermarket, I use cotton mesh produce bags to buy exactly the amount of loose fruit and veg that I need. Cutting plastic and food waste- win win. These bags are made from recycled cotton which increases their sustainability - they are practical and perfect.

So that is my list. It was hard to stop, I wanted to add so many things! Like food containers, lunchboxes and coffee cups - if you want to check out our full range of products to help you cut down on single use plastic, head over to our website and our Plastic Free Collection.

Actually - don't forget your toothbrush! Truthbrush bamboo toothbrushes are the best manual toothbrushes I have used. We all agree they are effective, look great and cut down our plastic waste in the home!

Happy Swapping