Charity's Autumn Picks

The clock's have gone back, the leaves are falling, and soon both Halloween and bonfire night will be upon us. There's no getting away from it, autumn has well and truly arrived here in the UK.

Luckily there is plenty to keep me cheerful here at Green Tulip. I've had a busy few months sourcing new products, and the change in the season harks their arrival in our stockroom (aka my happy place). Here are a few of my favourite products from the new arrivals I'll be using myself and gifting to loved ones this autumn.  


Ohh Vegan Clarity Soap, from £2.50

"When something is this beautiful and smells so good what's not to like! The chunkiness of the big bar is really pleasing too."


Compostable Sponge Scourer

"Unlike most of my other picks, this isn't a pretty product but it's such a great addition to our range. Instead of those little yellow and green scourers which are filled with plastic you can now have a fully compostable, cellulose and loofah scourer (which also looks nicer in the kitchen!)."



Herboo Pop Art Zinnia Seeds, £3.00

"I love that the new Herboo seeds have so much helpful info inside the pack. It's like a very special card featuring something that lasts a long time, and a bit of learning too! This has to be my favourite as I love the cool colour combo."



Mind Spa Essential Oil, £12.00

"I love my Mael diffuser and enjoy choosing the right oil for the right time of day. Eucalyptus is usually my go to in the morning when I need a pick me up, with this gorgeous new 'Mind Spa' blend perfect for evenings."



Chunky Paper Raffia 20m, £10.00

"This is a bit of a cheat because it's more about our new £2.50 gift wrap service! But I was so pleased to find this beautiful paper raffia that looks like a wired ribbon but is simply sustainable paper. It's also available to buy in 20m rolls to wrap your own presents. I love the rose pink but I suspect the red will be rather popular for Christmas."