Black Friday 2023

We wanted to let you know, that like previous years, we won't be taking part in Black Friday discounts or Cyber Monday deals.
Black Friday and the time-limited discount frenzy that surrounds it creates a sense of urgency and artificial scarcity, encouraging consumers to make quick decisions based on fear of missing out rather than careful consideration of their needs. This directly conflicts with our value of conscious consumerism; the idea of making informed and mindful purchasing decisions that align with our values and priorities.
We are big believers of shop slow and choose well. We want you to shop with us because...
💛You want beautiful products that are ethically sourced
💜You want to support a small business
❤️You want to support the independent, ethical brands we work with
🧡Our products are offered at a fair price all year round
💚You want to shop with someone who truly cares about the future of our planet 🌎

Please don't wait for us to join any of the Black Friday promotions, because we definitely won't be. What you can be confident is high quality, ethically sourced gifts that are fairly priced, all year round.