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    We have a range of eco-friendly cleaning cloths and brushes that are highly effective. We choose natural materials, plastic free, home compostable, sustainably sourced, and beautiful designs. All our brands are high quality and long lasting.

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    FAQs about Cleaning Equipment

    Sustainably sourced cellulose cloths, and cotton cloths are great alternatives to microfibre cloths. Microfibre is made from plastic and release micro plastics into our waterways and atmosphere. Replacing with a natural alternative will prevent this plastic pollution and keep our homes cleaner.

    Wooden brushes with natural plant based bristles are a great alternative. Hygienic, naturally antibacterial and longer lasting, they also look great by the sink. Chose certified sustainably sourced wood like our A Slice of Green range.

    Plastic dishwashing sponge scourers also shed micro plastics, we recommend using a cellulose and loofah scrubber like the SEEP Sponge Scorer or an organic cotton Unsponge with the scrubbing texture weave. Coconut fibre scourers also work really well. All these are naturally biodegradable as well as very effective.