As a boy, co-founder Richard Hills-Ingyon would often be found in the kitchen with his creative mum at their family home in Devon making jam, jellies, soap and... candles! Richard initially learned candle-making at 8 years old when his mum gave him a kit as a gift. He absolutely loved it and made so many candles that he quickly ran out of wax, so set about melting down spent candles destined for the family bin in order to make new ones.

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The story behind The Recycled Candle Company


Richard's candle obsession continued into adulthood, and when he moved to London to study drama, he decided to sell his recycled candles at a local Sunday market to earn a bit of extra cash. Then in 2015, Richard met architect and designer Sargon Latchin, who immediately saw the potential in the idea. The two of them teamed-up and built the business from there, with Richard refining their processes and Sargon setting up an online presence. They collected wax from hotels, restaurants and places of worship, and by 2018 The Recycled Candle Company was launched.


Since those early days the duo have never looked back. The business had multiple awards under its belt and had seen so much growth that in 2023 it teamed with major wax producer Kerax, prompting a move up north to Chorley, Lancashire. With the resources of a long-established company behind it, the Brand was able to facilitate numerous recycling collection points all over the UK to take used candles, wax melts and other types of scrap wax, including tea lights. Tealight wax is extracted from the aluminium case which is organised for recycling too.

Today, The Recycled Candle Company uses around 40 tonnes of old wax saved from landfill every year - we think that's pretty impressive!

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    Luxury candle gifts made from recycled wax!
    High quality, hand poured candles made entirely from recycled candle wax, saving 40 tonnes of wax from landfill every year.

    Why I Love The Recycled Candle Company

    I love finding brands that are genuinely innovative, and whose innovation offers an environmental solution too. The Recycled Candle Company is one of those brands - using 'waste' that people don't usually know what to do with, and making it into beautiful new candles that smell AMAZING!

    Green Tulip Founder