Stationery lovers Ali and Finn both struggled with their mental health and truly understood the debilitating effect it can have on life.

Realising that there can be amazing, fantastic and beautiful times between the clouds and fog too, they wanted to create a tool that would help make the most of those moments.

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The story behind The Positive Planner


In May 2017, Ali and Finn started a crowdfunding campaign that would be the start of their Positive Planner journey. Hundreds of amazing people joined by pledging in return for a copy of The Positive Planner. The duo worked tirelessly, juggling their roles as mothers and full-time business owners to collate and create content for The Positive Planner.

After just 6 months The Positive Planner was born.


Ali & Finn are very open about their mental health and encourage everyone to make it their number one priority in life. Their mission to offer a toolbox which brings joy into every day, promoting daily positivity and encouraging self-care and gratitude for a truly positive mindset, is still at the forefront of everything they do.

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    Start on a journey of mindfulness and self care with The Positive Planner!
    Everyone needs to check in on their mental health from time to time, and these fantastic journals and planners from The Positive Planner help us to organise our lives and minds and keep them free from clutter.

    Why I Love The Positive Planner

    As we all realise moving away from screens is good for our wellbeing, I was keen to add a brand of paper planners that facilitate journalling. I met Ali and Finn at a trade show, and loved both the look and content of the Positive Planner range as well as their enthusiasm for encouraging people to look after their mental wellbeing. A lovely addition to our range.

    Green Tulip Founder