Founder Benoit Nicol grew up in Brittany and began working with a French producer of natural extracts which opened his mind to the wonders of natural oils. He moved to New York and for over 20 years worked with two of the best producers of natural oils in the world.

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The story behind The Nature of Things


In 2017 Benoit moved to Dublin with the opportunity of starting his own business. Having noticed how the market was flooded with underwhelming oils, he knew there was an opportunity to use everything he'd learnt to create a brand that celebrates the best quality natural oils and share the potential of their life enhancing features.

In 2018, The Nature of Things was born.


Benoit only uses producers who have a genuine passion for distilling top quality oils and a proven record of sustainable practices. Each oil is imported directly and bottled at The Nature of Things workshop; an old chocolate factory in Dublin.

Since relocating, Benoit enjoys spending time exploring Ireland with his wife and young family. He recently designed a plug in mist diffuser which he named after their beautiful little daughter, Maëlle!

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    The Nature of Things offer a range of top quality pure essential oils, suitable for everyday use. As well as being beneficial for scenting the home to lift spirits, essential oils can also be great for creating your own simple recipes at home - a body or foot scrub, a massage oil, small remedies, or natural perfumes.

    Why I Love The Nature of Things

    Since we started stocking The Nature of Things I've become a bit obsessed with my Mael diffuser. I love having a selection of oils that I can choose based on my mood (or what I want my mood to be!) and am really enjoying their blends too. Benoit, as an ex-perfumer, really does have a very good nose for it!

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