Ken Gallagher and Elisabeth Barton-Grew became bee buddies and now run a thriving apiary surrounded by magnificent oak trees, wild meadows and natural hedgerows. The apiary provides a natural larder for their one million British Buckfast bees throughout the season.

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The story behind Oakdale Bees


The hives were originally established by Elisabeth in 2015 to fulfil a lifelong passion for nurturing and protecting nature's best loved pollinators, and help to do something to abate the alarming decline in the species and the environmental eco system they support.

Elisabeth & Ken regularly inspect the hives to ensure the bees are in good health.


'The girls' are very well behaved, polite and prolific. They forage on the abundant natural larder on Oakdale's doorstep but can fly up to three miles for particularly tasty treats. The natural forest larder includes foxgloves, borage, knapweed, clover, cornflowers, poppy’s, honeysuckle, brambles, horse chestnut tree pollen and acres of buttercups. They particularly enjoy a recently planted fruit orchard.

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    Passionate about the environment and all things to do with Bees, British brand Oakdale Bees hand make natural, eco hive products including wood and leather nourishing balms, perfect for reviving old and tired looking furniture, cutting boards, bags and shoes.

    Why I Love Oakdale Bees

    I always love it when a company comes up with a product that takes us back to how things used to be done! Forget the chemicals that are usually used to polish and revive these days - and instead use powerful beeswax and harness all its clever hydrating properties!

    Green Tulip Founder