The idea for MORI came when Turkish born Founder Akin was searching for good quality useful gifts for his nieces and nephews. Finding something that parents actually needed and wanted, crafted from the highest quality materials for a reasonable price became something of an enduring task. With a solid background in textiles, Akin decided to create something a little different himself - so MORI was born.

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The story behind MORI


MORI is Japanese for forest, and is a subtle nod to the purity of nature. Design inspiration for the Brand comes from Scandinavian and Japanese concepts that focus on natural aspects paired with sleek styles, which compliment the environment.

Protecting the world is as vital to Akin as protecting a baby - that’s why he only uses bamboo and organic cotton, as it’s as soft as cashmere, and it's anti-bacterial, breathable and sustainable.


MORI works with the very best factories – some of which are run by Akin’s family in Turkey who have an impressive heritage in textiles and manufacturing. They are talented expert makers who hand craft everything to impeccable standards from sustainable fabrics such as bamboo and GOTS certified organic cotton.

With the business expanding rapidly, Akin decided in October 2019 to open a beautiful MORI store located in in Battersea, London.

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    British brand MORI offers a range of baby essentials that are carefully crafted from the softest fabrics made from sustainable sources. Each piece is of super quality and made to last, meaning it can be lovingly passed down through generations!

    Why I Love MORI

    There are so many baby brands on the market, but after years of looking I know it can be hard to find a brand that produces beautiful, giftable products for babies at a reasonable price. I think that is something Mori does really well - and they also feature some extremely cute products that are hard to resist!

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