With skinny lattes and frappucinos-to-go dominating British high streets for over a decade, founder Emilie Holmes was frustrated with the poor quality of tea in London, and finally decided to do something about it. With plans to convert a 1974 Citroën-H van into a mobile tea bar, she took the idea to crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, and 372 backers made her dream come true!

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The story behind Good & Proper Tea


From day one Emilie decided sustainability would be the core of her business, so came up with the company name as an ode to 'doing things properly'- by the planet and by the people. Her focus on getting things right sometimes meant it took a little bit longer, carefully sourcing tea from trusted farms and co-operatives around the world who share the same values of quality, sustainability and social responsibility.


So in Shoreditch on 3rd December 2012, the first cup of Good & Proper whole leaf tea was brewed. Today, the Brand has its own HQ in SE London which is exclusively powered by renewable energy. Thanks to the support of the Brand's many wonderful customers, friends, partners and suppliers, the business has become a fast-growing network of cafe and restaurant partners – and of course the van lives on too! Each of the 372 crowdfunder names are still displayed proudly on the back window of that van, which the backers affectionately named Watson!

Despite continued growth, you may spot Watson enjoying the summer months out in the muddy fields of festivals and garden parties, offering fellow tea-drinkers the same quality experience that Emilie's coffee-junkie friends have been enjoying for years!!

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    Why I Love Good & Proper Tea

    I love that the driver for Good & Proper was about showing coffee fans that tea can be elevated to an 'experience' too - after all it is still the nation's favourite drink! That is also the reason why, as a tea drinker myself, we stock some wonderful tea brands here at Green Tulip :)

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