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    Reusable Containers

    Our collection of reusable containers means food storage and transportation can be done without creating waste. Choose from small stainless steel snack containers for an on the go treat to a full set for bulk shopping , home storage and takeouts without the plastic waste. A Slice of Green containers are stylish, secure and lightweight, so prefect for the job.

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    FAQs about Food Storage & Containers

    Reusable containers help to fight pollution, reduce waste, and reduce energy consumption typically used when creating new materials. This decreases the need for additional plastic manufacturing, and it leads to an increase in the use of other, safer materials for the environment.

    Upcycled glass jars - either bought or used
    Stainless steel containers
    Beeswax wraps and bags
    Silicone Bags.
    Cloth bags & cloth covers

    Stainless steel doesn't absorb bacteria nor does it leach chemicals, so storing your food in a stainless steel container can give you peace of mind when it comes to your health. Stainless steel is non-staining and non-porous.