British brand Bower Collective was created in 2020 to help us eliminate plastic waste from our homes and live a more sustainable lifestyle. The Brand offers an extensive collection of natural personal care and cleaning products packaged in its award winning BowerPack™ reusable pouches, designed to be decanted into empty dispensing containers at home and returned to Bower for reuse.

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The story behind Bower Collective


Founded by two friends, Nick Torday and Marcus Hill, Bower was born from a joint vision for a world with no plastic waste or toxic household products. Nick was running a digital and technology consultancy that included clients such as the UN, WWF and Amnesty International, helping to solve major global social and environmental issues. Marcus founded and built London Bio Packaging, one of the UK’s leading providers of biodegradable packaging for the food industry.


Today, still with circularity at the heart of the business, Wiltshire-based Bower has become an industry leader in home refills with its award winning BowerPack™ system.

Since the early days with 3 members, Bower now boasts a team of 11 eco-warriors, spreading the Brand's mission to reduce plastic waste. It has also been accredited with B Corp status (short for “Benefit Corporation“), a recognition of all its hard work making beneficial impact on the world whilst being profitable. We think that's an impressive achievement for such a young brand!

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    Bower Collective offer an extensive collection of natural personal care products designed to be refilled and reused.  Its award winning BowerPack™ reusable pouches helps to save plastic waste by producing less landfill and more refill!

    Why I Love Bower Collective

    Although we are recycling fans here at Green Tulip, we would always put reusing above recycling - especially when the material to be recycled can be a tricky one. Whilst pouches are appearing on the market now as a positive option as they are lighter to transport than bottles, most are simply recyclable. Bower offers something completely different with its technology based refill system - and we love to support this sort of innovation!

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