Founded in 1998 by husband and wife team William & Sarah Allardice, Archivist was created to offer the highest quality printed greetings cards and stationery. The Brand name is from the early days when many of its designs came from the Natural History Museum archives. Although the archives have changed, the Brand's enthusiasm for finding interesting images and more recently fun and thought-provoking designs is stronger than ever.

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The story behind Archivist


Collaborating with artists all over the world, Archivist has created the finest range of British letterpress cards, prints and luxury matches. The matches are sustainably produced in India, where William & Sarah often go to visit. They've been working with Vassant and his family for over 10 years now, and it's always a treat to catch up with them and witness the fascinating match making process for themselves.


Today Archivist is enjoying continuous growth. Spread over three locations, it has an office in Chipping Norton, Gloucestershire; a thriving letterpress studio and workshop in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire and a distribution centre in Wrexham, north Wales. Ink and paper have always been central ingredients to the business and it is proud to own one of Britain’s largest dedicated letterpress printing facilities, taking the Brand's famous quality and innovation to even higher levels.

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    Beautiful and sustainable luxury matches - perfect to complete a candle gift!
    Archivist Gallery offers a colourful collection of luxury matchboxes and beautiful greetings cards printed in the UK on a traditional letterpress machine.

    Why I Love Archivist

    We sell a lot of candles at Green Tulip, so having a range of giftable matches to sit alongside makes a lot of sense. These sustainable matches are both practical to use and beautiful enough to give in their own right - definitely one of those products that you can't have enough of in the house.

    Green Tulip Founder