Lunch Box Gift Guide

A reusable, eco-friendly lunch box is a great gift idea for all ages; it's a practical gift that shows you care about their health, the environment, and their wallet.

A lunch box really is the gift that keeps on giving – on a daily basis, it can help say goodbye to squashed sandwiches, overpriced takeaway lunches, and reduce plastic waste. What’s not to love?

We stock lunch boxes from sustainable brands A Slice of Green, U-Konserve and Qwetch. A Slice of Green's stainless steel lunch boxes are responsibly made in India with food-grade stainless steel, are dishwasher-friendly, and come in nine different styles. Meanwhile, the food jars and insulated options from B Corp company Qwetch are truly leakproof.

But which lunch box makes the best gift?

It really does depend on who you’re giving it to and what they’ll mainly use it for. So here’s a rundown of our favourite lunch boxes and who they are best suited to.

Best lunch box for babies and toddlers

For younger children and babies we recommend a lunch box that is easy to eat or feed from and easy to fit in your carry bag, without risk of leakage. With baby led weaning a variety of foods are offered, cut up into grab-able portion sizes. So you want a lunch box that will allow you to take out lots of different foods and keep them separate and unsquished. The U Konserve Nesting Round Containers with Silicone Lids have been designed with exactly this in mind. They will stack inside each other for storage, have silicone lids to prevent leakage and are lightweight and durable. Your little one can eat directly from them too.

Best lunch box for children

With multiple compartments and easy to open clips, the Panna is perfect for children's packed lunches. It is a great gift to give to children when they start start school as it is durable enough to last them the whole way through school. Pack a sandwich or wrap and veg sticks in the double layered lunch box and the mini container is great for hummus or a treat like a slice of homemade cake or a couple of biscuit and be sure that they will stay separate all the way to the lunch hall! These lunch boxes are plastic free, made from stainless steel, and durable enough to last in a school bag.

Best lunch box for adults

Larger appetites will be satisfied with the Doda - a deeper stainless steel lunch box that also include a leak resistant silicone seal. Doda is perfect for deep sandwiches and also pasta dishes and left overs. Another cool benefit is, it's the perfect size to pick up a takeaway from your favourite restaurant. Eg, chicken masala and rice will fit in perfectly, with space for a bahji . Getting it home without eating it will be the only problem- not what to do with the plastic waste! You can even upgrade Doda with a stainless steel divider to create two compartments.

Best lunch box for hot food

Sometimes you cannot beat a hot lunch, even at work, school or a day out. A Qwetch insulated food jar will keep food warm for up to 5 hours (and cold for 7 hours) enough time to get to lunchtime and have a filing warm meal. With a screw down, leak resistant lid, these stainless steel lunch boxes are good for soups, stews, stirfrys and pasta bakes. The smaller size fits a perfect portion of noodles, whilst the larger size, 600ml, will fit an entire home cooked large meal.

Best lunch box for salads

We recommend a leak resistant lunch box for salads, especially Yanam. A really spacious and long lunch box so a good size for large salads with multiple ingredients, with a whopping 1100ml total capacity. Because they are leak resistant, you can transport salads without the worry of leakage. As long as you keep the lunch box upright, the strong closure clips and silicone seal will keep spills away.

Best Leak Proof Lunch box

If soups and stews are your go to when you are packing lunch, you need a leak proof lunch box, turning up to work with a soggy bag is no fun. This style of lunch box tends to cost a little bit more due to their features, including a screw lid and insulated walls. Our top recommendation is the Qwetch Stainless Steel Lunch box. This large lunch box is sturdy with a wide opening, meaning it is easy to eat directly from it. It also features a strong, comfortable handle which folds down neatly for easy transportation and storage. It also keeps food warm for up to 5 hours or cool for up to 7 hours, perfect if you don't have reheating facilities or a fridge. And with an 850ml capacity - there's a lot of lunch you can fit in!

Best budget eco-friendly lunch box


If your lunching needs are simpler, like sandwiches, wraps or dry foods, then we recommend the A Slice of Green containers. Shimla, a square stainless steel container is perfect for sandwiches and wraps and also for storing leftovers at home and bulk shopping , packaging free. At only £14, it will pay for itself after a few packed lunches versus shop bought sandwiches. It's no less beautiful, practical or sustainable than the others, simplicity is it's feature.

Best bento style lunch box

Buruni is perfect for a bento style lunch, as it consists of two separate tiers. Ideal for taking a savoury salad or sandwich, plus fruit or a snack to work in one neat, leak resistant container.

As a secondary recommendation - we couldn't resist adding the Chapra. A round stainless steel lunch box consisting of two tiers with clip closure. A beautifully designed round traditional looking Bento Box for the most stylish lunch or takeaway, and so well priced at only £15.