It was a visit to China many years ago that introduced Qwetch founder Stéphane Miquel to the popular tea drinking culture of the locals. He noticed that everybody drank tea all day long - not only at home but everywhere they went: at work, at school, at the park. Inspired, he returned to France and developed a mobile tea flask that meant home made tea could be taken out and drunk all day. In 2010 Qwetch was launched.

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The story behind Qwetch


From 2012 Qwetch grew into other categories of food and drink on the go to promote a more sustainable lifestyle with less waste. It brought high quality reusable stainless steel insulated bottles and food jars to the market to accompany its best selling infusion flasks. More recently Qwetch launched a collection of insulated travel mugs with a stainless steel interior, designed to keep drinks at just the right temperature whilst on the go.


In August 2022 Qwetch officially became B Corp™ certified. B Corp, short for “Benefit Corporation“, refers to a company known to have a beneficial impact on the world, whilst being profitable. The certification allows Qwetch to credibly reflect its social and environmental commitments, alongside being hugely proud to achieve the most demanding ethical and eco-responsible certification worldwide.

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    Stylish Reusable Drinks Bottles

    Keep your drinks (and food!) hot or cold in style with an insulated drinks bottles and insulated food jar from French brand Qwetch.  These high quality reusable bottles are available in a huge range of colours and patterns, so there's something here for every personality - and we stock the largest range from Qwetch in the UK.

    Why I Love Qwetch

    I adore the different colours and patterns the Qwetch bottles come in. In my opinion, Qwetch produce the best insulated water bottles available for keeping my drinks cool.

    Green Tulip Founder