April is Stress Awareness Month

How are you?

How many times are you asked that question and how many times do you answer honestly? Sometimes we don't realise how actually stressed we are.

April is Stress Awareness month, a campaign led by the Stress Management Society. Stress is something we all deal with from time to time, and the Stress Awareness Campaign is a great reminder of how important self-care is and how we can actively manage stress. It also reminds us stress and anxiety sufferers that we are not alone and we are SEEN. With busy schedules, it’s something we can all overlook at times, but making sure we are taking care of ourselves especially when we are feeling stressed or anxious is the best thing we can do. 

This year's theme, 'Little By Little', highlights how small daily steps in self-care and stress reduction lead to significant mental health improvements over time.

We like this house analogy that they've used...

Think of it like building a house - laying down a single brick may not seem significant. You might start small e.g. taking deep breaths during a stressful moment, or writing down one thing you’re grateful for each day.

These actions may seem small but they serve as the foundation of your mental wellbeing. As you continue to add more bricks, your mental health house begins to take shape. Each brick represents a conscious choice to prioritise and build your mental health and resilience. They all add strength and stability, making you more resilient to the challenges that life brings.

Over time, the accumulation of these small consistent efforts leads to a remarkable outcome!

Head over to their website for so many great resources, you’ll find lots of daily tips to help with your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Many of these tips are 5 or 10 minutes making it easy to make time every day for yourself.

How the Green Tulip Team manage stress

It got us thinking as a team about the ways in which we like to de-stress. The most common themes among us were spending time with our much-loved pets, going for walks and gardening.

Stress Awareness Month

Scarlett enjoys family time down at the allotment, Charity makes time every week for netball and Emily every now and then enjoys a sound bath which is a meditative experience with sound waves. If you've never heard of these, take a look at Jasmine Hemsley's website to find out more or even download a sound bath to listen to and relax at home.

And finally, explore our wellbeing category for a huge range of products to help you relax and rebalance this month and beyond.


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