Ethical Brand Review: Coffeenotes

We're very excited this year to introduce not only a new brand but a new range of products to Everyday Green: Coffeenotes™.

Coffeenotes is a range of sustainable stationery, using paper made from discarded coffee cups. Their stylish assortment covers a selection of innovative themed covers also made from waste materials and the mix of notebook styles and planners will appeal to any stationery fan.

We had been looking for stationery that is not only 100% sustainable, but also really great quality, stylish and nice to use - it's a big ask but we're thrilled to say Coffeenotes has ticked all of those boxes and more.


This Dorset-based brand, born from the passion of Sarah and Mark, champions circular design at its core. When lockdown paused their print business in 2020, they saw an opportunity. They learned about Cupcycling™, a pioneering process that breathes new life into used coffee cups. The magic is real: 95% of the cup is reborn as recycled paper, with the remaining 5% cleverly repurposed as energy. Not a single scrap goes to waste!

Coffeenotes is a brand with a mission. They're tackling the staggering statistic of 2.5 billion coffee cups still ending up in UK landfills each year. With every Coffeenotes notebook you choose, you're actively participating in this sustainable revolution, closing the loop on cup waste and turning it into something beautiful and useful.


More than just paper and ink, Coffeenotes embodies a sense of purpose. You can feel the good vibes radiating from their notebooks, knowing you're making a positive impact while capturing your ideas or getting organised. So, the next time you sip that perfect cappuccino, remember that the cup could hold the potential for something truly inspiring.

Ready to kick off the year with a new notebook or planner? Choose Coffeenotes – where eco-conscious design meets boundless creativity, one recycled cup at a time.


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