Since 1991, founders Sarah and Mark had been successfully running a growing print business based in Dorset. The couple had always been passionate about sustainability and had made recycling part of family life as they raised their five young boys.

When the UK Covid-19 lockdown temporarily shut the printing business in 2020, Sarah and Mark took the opportunity to explore a pioneering process that transforms takeaway coffee cups into paper.

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The story behind Coffeenotes


Sarah and Mark worked closely with the UK’s best papermaker to craft recycled paper using its pioneering CupCycling™ method - the world’s first recycling scheme specifically dedicated to upcycling coffee cups.

The plastic lining is removed so 95% of the cup waste can be transformed back into paper, and the remaining 5% used for energy in the paper production, resulting in zero waste!!


Today Coffeenotes continue to offer customers genuine sustainable stationery they can use every day, and reflect the joy and sense of purpose that comes with sitting down with a cup of coffee and a blank notebook!

Designs are simple and minimalist, balancing function and style. Sarah and Mark are delighted that the papers and their circular stories speak for themselves!

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    Beautiful stationery made sustainably from recycled coffee cups

    Coffeenotes is a sustainable, high-quality stationery range which celebrates circular design. The signature cream writing paper is made in the UK from recycled coffee cups and the covers from repurposed and recycled fibres to create truly closed loop products.

    Why I Love Coffeenotes

    I loved that Coffeenotes save disposable coffee cups from ending up in landfill, and manage to turn it into truely beautiful stationery.

    Green Tulip Founder