Say Hello to seep

We love it when we find everyday essentials that not only do their job brilliantly, but look and feel amazing too.

New to Green Tulip this month, Seep design attractive and long-lasting circular cleaning essentials made from sustainable and renewable materials. Once they outlive their usefulness, their products are compostable or fully biodegradable.

Brand Spotlight


Founder Laura Harnett grew up in South Wales and moved to London 20 years ago. The idea for Seep was born from the frustration to find better sustainable household products after lots of trips to the supermarket. It was named after a flash of inspiration from her husband (a great believer in acronyms), who came up with Sustainable Everyday Essential Products.


Laura is now a proud mum of two and lives in West London with her husband and Mango the Cocker Spaniel.

Her goal with Seep is to revolutionise household essentials for the good of people and the planet, and to build a business model and sustainable mindset by offering affordable products that do no harm and that are accessible to all.


In April 2022, Seep became an official B Corporation Certified business. It's the best measure of whether a business is really not just about profits, but cares about people and the planet too - that's why Laura applied within a few weeks of setting up Seep.