Recycle Grey Reusable Shopping Bag - Medium
Recycle Grey Reusable Shopping Bag - Medium
Recycle Grey Reusable Shopping Bag - Medium
Recycle Grey Reusable Shopping Bag - Medium
Recycle Grey Reusable Shopping Bag - Medium

Recycle Grey Reusable Shopping Bag - Medium

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This strong and durable grey eco shopping bag is made from a premium quality, silky soft material produced from six used plastic bottles destined for our oceans. The printed message on the front reads 'I'm made from six recycled plastic bottles'.

Key features include:-

Helps eliminate the need for single-use plastic and paper bags
Long, wide straps to ensure a comfortable fit around the shoulder
Spacious and wide with the capacity of 2-3 standard carrier bags
Strong stitching suitable for loads of up to 20kg
Folds neatly into its pocket-sized pouch
Water resistant and lightweight
Made from one piece of material to minimise waste
Machine washable at 30 degrees

Designed in the UK and responsibly produced in China from 100% recycled PET. Presented in a recyclable card sleeve detailing the bag's eco credentials.

1% of sales is divided equally between four charities and donated via the Work For Good fundraising platform. Currently donations are made to WWF UK, Breast Cancer Haven, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Just One Ocean.

Bag measures approximately 39cm x 40cm. Handles approximately 24cm x 6cm. Approximately 14cm x 12cm when folded in pouch.

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Carrying a reusable shopping bag with you when out and about goes a long way to help eliminate the need for single use bags from supermarkets and shops. Plastic carrier bags clog drains and cause flooding when they are thrown out. They pollute rivers and streams, killing animals and destroying plant life. They can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade and have a very short life span.


Made from six recycled plastic bottles. Currently the UK is allowing around 8 million tonnes of plastic to get into our oceans every year and it’s having a terrible impact on ocean wildlife, the environment, our well-being and ultimately our health.

Produced in China in a factory audited to BSCI social compliance guidelines. Material tested and certified as 100% recycled PET.
About the Brand
Founder Maria Rodriguez started to become aware of the worldwide plastic issue several years ago and like many people ​started cutting down on her plastic consumption, ​realising the​ effects plastic can have on the environment and our oceans.

Although plastic is an extremely useful material, Maria found that single use plastic bags were a huge global problem. She decided to take this problem as her own crusade and with a lot of hard work and the mission to reduce single-use plastic as much as possible​, Maria designed a reusable carrier bag made from used plastic bottles. In 2019, Kind Bag London was born.

As well as helping society by reducing the number of single use plastic bags used and wasted, Kind Bag also donates 10% of their profits to Just One Ocean - a UK registered charity committed to preserving our oceans for future generations through science, education and communication.

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