When founder Maria Rodriguez became aware that single use plastic bags were a huge global problem, she decided to take the problem as her own crusade. With a lot of hard work and the mission to reduce single-use plastic as much as possible​, Maria designed a reusable carrier bag made from used plastic bottles. In 2019, Kind Bag London was born.

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The story behind Kind Bag London


Since the start Kind has been working with the same ethical factories and has grown alongside them. Building lasting relationships is crucial for the Brand - it works closely with its production team in China, ensuring the working condition standards are met and the people are well looked after. Workers are paid more than the local minimum wage and are on a permanent payroll.


Kind Bag is also dedicated to ensuring its products are truly KIND and don't impact the environment in a negative way. All materials used are 100% recycled and recyclable, and all its warehouses are completely plastic free with the goal to be carbon neutral by 2023.

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    Kind Bag is a British brand that produces high quality reusable shopping bags made entirely from used plastic bottles destined for our oceans. The bags are durable and water resistant, and come in a range of cool and quirky colourful designs that are regularly refreshed.

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