The idea for Twool came in 2010 when founder Kim Stead was frustrated with the rotting jute twine supporting the raspberry canes in her Dartmoor facing garden. As a nation of gardeners, it seemed unbelievable to her that Britain was importing tonnes of jute from Asia every year to tie plants in our gardens. So, in her quest to look for alternative British renewable materials, Kim identified wool as a great sustainable alternative.

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The story behind Twool


Wool is grown well in the UK and is an under-used natural resource, so was an ideal choice for developing a sustainable and ethically responsible, all British garden twine.

Kim knew that choosing the right wool was key to developing a sustainable product. The Whiteface Dartmoor sheep is a rare breed that has been grazing the moor since Anglo-Saxon times, with declining numbers seeing breeding ewes fall to under 1000. They're a big sheep, make good mothers and have the most glorious long 'lustre' wool fleece. Kim's mission to make a use for the wool and a route to market for the farmers, gave her hope to be part of the story of the future for the Whiteface Dartmoor.


Since the early days Twool has become much more than just garden twine, with an extensive product range to include hats, bags, rugs, dog leads and collars, and horse lead ropes.

In 2013 Kim took Twool to its first RHS Chelsea Flower Show, and in 2022 became a finalist for the Sustainable Garden Product of the Year, prompting a royal visitor - no other than The (now) King! Today, Kim is extremely proud of what Twool has achieved, continuously promoting and helping to protect one of Britain’s ancient breeds of sheep indigenous to the moors on her doorstep.

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    Sustainable British Garden Twine - A Jolly Good Yarn!
    Strong, sustainable and beautifully packaged garden twine made from pure Dartmoor wool - a great eco gift for gardeners!


    Why I Love Twool

    I love it when I find a product that just makes eco sense. British wool is sadly quite undervalued these days and Twool makes it into a plastic free, and fully biodegradable garden twine - clever! The mash-up name is rather good too!

    Green Tulip Founder