Husband and wife team Jakob Creswell-Rost and Freya Hawtin met while studying a degree in 3D design at Leeds. After graduating and gaining further qualifications in Fine Art and Graphic Design, the couple moved to Brighton and started up a business using their skills to produce design-led stationery and gifts with bold prints using techniques such as letterpress, risograph and lithography.

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The story behind Studio Wald


In 2016 Jakob & Freya moved from Brighton back to Leeds, and a year later with the business gaining momentum, went for a Brand redesign and became Wald, offering interesting and affordable homewares, prints and stationery with a focus on sustainable materials. They extended the range of products to incorporate lino print and digital design, and later landed some exciting collaborations with large companies such as Bloom & Wild, Science Museum and the Victoria & Albert.


With Wald becoming busier than ever the couple still managed to organise their beautiful wedding in 2018, not to mention raising their three wonderful little humans! Jakob's mother Ulrike helps out with creating lino print and pattern, and together the team manage to get their work-life balance just about right. In 2019 the business moved to a studio workshop located by the docks in Leeds city centre. Set in a historic old Tetley Brewery building (now owned by a cooperative), it's surrounded by a bustling bit of town and being very much their second home, it helps them feel connected to their city.

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    Beautiful stationery, homewares and gifts with bold, contemporary designs
    From a lovely range of cards and notebooks printed in England on sustainably sourced materials, to a collection of tea towels printed in Yorkshire on unbleached cotton - that also make great wall hangings!

    Why I Love Studio Wald

    I love to support small, innovative designers and when I met Jakob & Freya at a trade show loved their clever, modern take on simple objects, and their real passion for using sustainable materials. I've chosen a small selection of their products that aren't necessarily something you knew you needed, but once you see them feel you can't do without!

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