The idea for Kleensoaps came when beauty and portrait photographer Jutta Klee became frustrated with the overwhelming popularity of plastic-bottled shower gels on the market. She wanted to switch to a traditional soap on a rope but couldn't find an affordable one that was made with natural ingredients, so decided to make her own! Jutta booked herself on a soap-making course and was instantly hooked.

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The story behind Kleensoaps


Jutta's planet-kind and skin-kind approach to skincare took her on a one-woman mission to introduce a 100% natural soap on a rope to the younger generation that was as clean and as green as possible.

By 2019 Jutta had launched a beautiful collection of funkily chunky vegan soaps blended with the highest quality botanical essential oils, which were paraben free and had no artificial dyes, preservatives or fragrances.

Kleensoaps was born.


The soaps quickly gained momentum and production grew, with Jutta handmaking every bar. In June 2021, Jutta decided it was time to move somewhere with more space, and found a beautiful workshop in Kent, surrounded by nature.

Today, Jutta is so happy that people have really taken to the idea of soap on a rope and that her plan of replacing thousands of shower gel bottles with beautiful, natural soap is working. Making soap is an ancient and very physical process which she says is good for her mind.

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    Handmade vegan soap on a rope
    Kleensoaps create cold-processed vegan soap on a rope using high quality, natural ingredients with packaging that is recycled and recyclable. The soaps are 100% natural and designed to be as clean and green as possible.

    Why I Love Kleensoaps

    With so many extensive and complex brands on the market, it is sometimes a pleasure to come across a brand that does just one thing, but does it extremely well! The Kleen soaps really are a thing of beauty to look at, and smell amazing too.

    Green Tulip Founder