The idea for Harth Chocolate came in 2020, when Rebecca Rogers and business partner Richard Buckley were forced to close their fine dining vegan restaurant in Bath, Somerset due to the Covid 19 lockdown. As their menu was too specialist for home delivery they needed to consider other options, and decided to focus all their creative energy on quality chocolates and hot chocolate for small shops.

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The story behind Harth Chocolate


Being inspired by open spaces, winter walks and campfires, Rebecca and Richard felt hot chocolate was a critical part of that outdoor experience. There was a distinct lack of good quality camping hot chocolate out there - the type that's worth building a campfire for! So, after sourcing a high quality natural cocoa powder from organic beans (that have been specifically grown for drinking chocolate), Richard starting making samples. Landing on a recipe they liked, they turned to branding and production, and Harth Chocolate was launched at markets, farm shops and online.


Since those early days Harth has grown its product range to include vegan friendly truffles beautifully presented in plastic free boxes that are handmade by the team. Each truffle is handmade and hand painted, and every bag of hot chocolate is mixed and expertly tied at its purpose built unit. It obviously takes a lot longer than a factory made product but they know it makes all the difference.

More recently Rebecca and Richard's love of outside space saw them buy a vintage van to offer a real hot chocolate outdoor experience. And in September 2021 after endless TLC and sanding, they took their hot chocolate van on the road. Harth - which is an old English spelling of Hearth - sums up the warm, comforting feeling that hot chocolate and truffles can give you. We've tried them and totally agree!!

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    Planet friendly vegan chocolate gifts
    Harth Chocolate is a micro-batch, ethical chocolate company offering vegan truffles and hot chocolate made with organically grown cocoa. Its flavours are drawn from winter rituals, campfires and the hedgerows.

    Why I Love Harth Chocolate

    When it comes to gifts I do think the packaging is an important part of the product - and with Harth they really have matched their beautiful products with equally beautiful packaging! It's the little chocolate boxes that are a piece of art in themselves - a lovely 100% cardboard option amongst a sea of plastic trays!

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