Simple Living Swaps

Happy New Year!

Now that the relative excesses of the festive period are over (not that we excessed much this year!) we can start to think about the year ahead and what we'd like to change, achieve, work towards, keep the same, think about, improve, let go of..

There's so many ways to approach each New Year.

This month, I want to share one of my favourite sustainability successes and make it simple, I bet we can save you money too.

Years ago, I used to buy cleaning product in plastic bottles, use up the product, throw away (recycle) the bottle and buy new ones! Seems crazy now.

Then I bought bulk (plastic) bottles and refilled my spray bottles - win!

But, hang on, I still had a large plastic bottle to dispose of eventually- lose!

Now though, it's simple. So simple.

You've got half a dozen spray/squirty bottles in your home somewhere I bet...

Finish them off as normal please.

Now chose a refill pod.

Here's the beautifully simple part- buy a refill pod. Refill those existing bottles according to the pod instructions. Reuse. Repeat.

You can choose from: 

Imagine if you had need for all of them, and maybe you have 2 or more loos, that would be 11+ plastic bottles saving each time you refill. Although, we do tend to use one cleaner for many uses. The Mack Ocean Potion and ekologic Multi -Purpose are winners for us. Loo cleaners and washing up liquid get refilled many times a year, saving so much waste.

What difference will it make?

You'll see benefits straight away:

  • So simple to use - just add tap water
  • Require virtually no room needed for storage
  • Create less waste & no plastic waste - slim your recycling bin
  • No harsh chemicals - plant based ingredients
  • Save money - from £1.25 a refill

If you like the idea, you can swap to fresh linen laundry sheets in unscented too, or pods or an Eco Egg with refills to help cut down your plastic waste even further. These are also ridiculously easy to use and picture your cleaning cupboard (and bin) without those massive and unnecessary laundry detergent bottles.

Great! What else?

Team up with plastic free scourers, wooden and vegetable bristle cleaning brushes and plastic free cloths and pretty soon your kitchen and cleaning cupboard will be a plastic & plastic waste free paradise.

And it will be so simple to swap. We promise.

Make one simple change and see how you get on, if you don't like it, swap back but if you do, keep it and keep swapping. Sustainability made simple.

Happy cleaning!