Natural cleaning recipe: Carpet freshener powder

Fancy freshening up your rugs and carpets naturally? This really simple recipe helps deodorise carpet naturally and gets rid of smells.

Natural carpet freshener powder recipe


Combine all ingredients in container and leave for one hour to dry.

If you have pets or children always check the essential oil is safe to use around them.

How to use:

This DIY natural carpet freshener can be used on carpets, rugs and sofas. Take a jam jar or sieve and sprinkle the bicarb over your rugs and carpets. Leave for one hour, and then vacuum off.

Why it works:

Bicarbonate of soda absorbs and neutralises odours due to its slightly alkaline nature, which helps to neutralise acidic odors like pet accidents, cooking smells, and general mustiness. However, bicarbonate of soda doesn't add a pleasant scent itself. Essential oils can provide a fresh, natural aroma to mask lingering odors and leave your carpet smelling nice, and also have antibacterial properties.

By using this homemade natural carpet freshener, you can avoid harsh chemicals found in many cleaning products you buy in the shops. Plus, you'll feel good knowing that you're taking steps to create a healthier environment for you and your family.

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