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Ethical Brand Review: Fatso Chocolate

I am so excited to now be stocking products from Fatso Chocolate! With a mission to put the fun into dark chocolate, Fatso Chocolate combines cool packaging designs with only the best high quality ingredients and with unique flavours.

When I find a brand that mixes great ethical credentials with a sense of humour it is very difficult for me to resist. And in this case I didn't - I ordered the complete Fatso range within a day of seeing and tasting it! I adore the taste and the ethics of Fatso Chocolate, and the creative packaging makes it a lovely gift (or a treat for yourself!)

The idea for Fatso chocolate came when co-founder and huge foodie Ella McKay became frustrated with the seriousness and restraint of posh dark chocolate. Wondering why dark chocolate was so boring with milk chocolate being fun, playful and exciting with interesting flavours, Ella wanted to show that dark chocolate can have just as much fun and be completely uncompromising on ethics!


So in Richmond during March 2022, female-led Fatso was born with the launch of three deliciously chunky dark chocolate bars. Made with only the best high quality ingredients, and with unique flavours and cool packaging designs, Fatso put a creative spin on dark chocolate - raising the bar for high street chocolate brands by proving that dark chocolate can have just as much fun and be just as delicious as milk.



Fatso sources its cocoa from a family-run business called Luker’s Farm in Colombia. Luker’s Farm is also the Founders of The Chocolate Dream, an initiative that ensures sustainable development in the cocoa territories. From improving farmer income, strengthening the social wellbeing of local communities, and maintaining an environmental balance in cocoa growing communities. Every Fatso bar sold provides funds that go towards projects in Colombia such as improving access to education to creating access to safe drinking water in villages.



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