Everyday Green supports The Sustainable Futures Network

We were recently invited to be panellists in a webinar hosted by The Sustainable Futures Network - an employee-led network which supports and encourages colleagues at NatWest Group to embed sustainability both at work and at home.

The webinar was titled 'How to be sustainable in a cost of living crisis' and our brief was to talk about how people can make small changes that will help them live more sustainably and save money. Also taking part were Thermafy Eco Solutions, who are experts in helping people reduce their heating bills and their carbon footprint.

We spent our 20 minute slot talking about the different areas of our assortment - from out and about reusables, to sustainable cleaning at home - sharing ideas on how to make simple changes and money saving tips. Our MACK and Ekologik cleaning refill pods really caught the interest of the audience, as did the HUNU collapsible silicone cups - so easy to take out with you.

Our biggest piece of advice was not be discouraged by trying to be 'perfectly eco' - the most important thing is to make one small change, and then one more.... Many people making small changes really will have a big impact. We also talked about the importance of being a conscious consumer and taking the time to consider any purchase to check it really is what you want and need!

The final part of the webinar was a Q&A and it was great to hear some of the questions coming from the attendees - they really had been listening! We finished off by encouraging people to sign up to our Everyday Green email newsletters which are always filled with lots of tips on how to be more sustainable, and shared our 100 point checklist 'How to save money and the planet'.

Overall it was a great experience for us to be part of (we LOVE chatting all things eco!), and so encouraging that companies are supporting their employees to be more sustainable. We'd love to do more of this sort of thing so do 'get in touch' if you'd like us to come along to an event.

Kate and Charity

Everyday Green