The idea for Hunu started when founders Vince and Megan wanted to make the switch to reusable coffee cups, after learning that over 165 million single use cups end up in landfill every day. When they couldn't find a design that was convenient, stylish, and easy to fit into their everyday routines, they set about creating their own!

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The story behind Hunu


The aim was to make something that was easy to use, carry and clean that would be a straightforward choice for consumers. They decided not only to create an awesome product, but also to build a business that creates a positive impact on our world.

With their busy lifestyles, there was no room for anything bulky. In 2020 after countless rounds of prototypes, the Hunu pocket travel cup was born.


Hunu launched in the UK through the UK's Kickstarter programme (a funding platform for creative projects), and now also trades in the US.

The company donates 1% of its sales to environmental causes that help disadvantaged youths get into nature through 1% For the Planet.

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    Hunu makes reusable drinking cups that fold down, concertina-style to a small disc, perfect for slipping into any bag or pocket ready to be on hand when needed. 

    Why I Love Hunu

    I still get a bit frustrated when I see how many people are walking around with disposable cups, despite all of the reusables on the market. One of the best things about the clever Hunu cups is they fold so small you can make sure you ALWAYS have your reusable with you. Mine sits in my handbag alongside my reusable, foldable shopping bag - for all coffee and shopping emergencies!

    Green Tulip Founder