Ultimate Eco-friendly Christmas Gift Guide 2023

This Christmas let's celebrate not only the joy of giving but also the joy of giving back to the planet.

In this guide, we'll explore what eco-friendly Christmas gifts are, the benefits of choosing them, various types of eco-friendly gifts, tips for making sustainable choices, how to ask for eco-friendly gifts plus lots of great gift ideas.

What is an eco-friendly Christmas gift?

Eco-friendly Christmas gifts are presents that are kind to the environment. From production to packaging and usage, they're designed to minimise their impact on the planet while supporting ethical and sustainable practices.

What are the benefits of eco-friendly Christmas gifting?

Choosing to shop eco-friendly Christmas gifts makes you a responsible and conscious gift giver, prioritising the environment and supporting brands that are committed to doing right by people and the planet.

By selecting eco-friendly gifts, you're not just giving a present – you're conveying your values. This may also inspire the recipient to adopt a similar mindful approach to their future purchases.

Tips for making eco-friendly Christmas gift choices.

  • Consider the lifecycle: Think about how the gift was made, its durability, and its disposal.
  • Research the brand: Look for companies with strong environmental and ethical commitments.
  • Upcycle and DIY: Get creative and make your own eco-friendly gifts or repurpose existing items.
  • Practical gifts: Select items that you think the recipient will genuinely find useful - something handy and built to last.
  • Support local: Choose gifts from local, sustainable makers and businesses.

Different Types of Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Reusables: Gift items like reusable water bottles, coffee cups, or shopping bags. Not only do these items reduce single-use plastic, but they also encourage sustainable habits in everyday life.

Natural Materials: Opt for gifts made from sustainable materials like bamboo or organic cotton - these materials have a lower environmental impact.

Plastic-Free: Seek out gifts that are entirely free of plastic or come with minimal plastic packaging, contributing to the reduction of plastic pollution.

Experiences: Instead of physical items, explore the gift of experiences like cooking classes, spa treatments, or outdoor adventures. For children, consider tickets to a show or a day out at a local zoo, creating lasting memories instead of traditional toys that may contribute to excess waste.

Gift Voucher: Purchase a gift voucher for an eco-friendly brand or store. This allows the recipient to choose exactly what they want, minimising waste while supporting products with great ethical credentials.

Second hand Finds: Explore charity shops or vintage stores for unique second hand treasures.

How do I ask for an eco-friendly Christmas gift?

Share your commitment to sustainability and explain why eco-friendly gifts matter to you. Consider providing a list of eco-friendly gift ideas, making it not only easy for the gift giver but also ensuring you receive something you need/want that aligns with your values. Express the joy that comes with knowing your gifts have a positive impact on the environment.

Top tip: Create a wish list from a website of your choice. Green Tulip's is so easy to use/share and by providing a list of options, there is still the element of 'surprise'.

Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrap options

Once you’ve found the perfect eco gift, it's time to wrap it! Follow these tips to ensure your gift wrapping is as eco-friendly as the present itself.

  • Use fabric such as an old scarf to wrap your gift
  • Recycle from last year & save for next
  • Look for wrapping paper that is made from recycled paper.
  • Choose wrapping paper that is free of glitter, foil, or other non-paper materials.
  • Plastic free tape will mean any plain wrapping paper is easily recycled as well as the tape itself.
  • Cut up Christmas cards for labels

Choosing eco-friendly chocolate

Chocolate is such a big part of Christmas but how can we make sure we make responsible choices when buying chocolate?

Choose chocolate brands that are committed to ethical sourcing of cocoa. Look for certifications like Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance, ensuring that the farmers receive fair wages and work in environmentally sustainable conditions. Don’t forget the packaging! Look for brands that use minimal recyclable packaging to help reduce waste.

Visit Green Tulip's Ethical Chocolate Shop

How can I be more eco-friendly at Christmas?

  • When it comes to decorations - opt for timeless ornaments and decor crafted from high-quality, sustainable materials. These durable, long-lasting decorations can be cherished year after year, reducing the need for regular replacements.
  • If you prefer a real Christmas tree, opt for one that is locally sourced and sustainably grown. After the festivities, consider recycling the tree through a local program. Alternatively, invest in a high-quality artificial tree that can be used for many years, reducing the demand for new trees each season.
  • Plan your festive feast around locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Support local farmers and reduce the carbon footprint associated with transporting food long distances.
  • Minimise food waste by planning your menu thoughtfully. Consider portion sizes, use leftovers creatively, and compost food scraps. Encourage guests to bring their reusable containers to take home any surplus food, ensuring that nothing goes to waste.
  • If you enjoy the tradition of Christmas crackers, look for options that are made from recycled materials and contain environmentally friendly gifts.
  • Create an eco-friendly advent calendar by placing small treats or surprises in reusable containers or fabric pockets.

What to gift an eco-friendly person?

And for all your gift idea dilemmas, let us help you out with some suggestions— all eco-friendly choices, of course! We’ve thought about everyone; click through one of the categories below to reveal our top 10 gifts!

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