Celebrating Female Founders

Happy International Women's Day!
It's really 'Women's Day' everyday at Green Tulip as we're an energetic all female team, and we work directly with a lot of great female-led brands too.

Our founder Charity has always been a cheerleader for small business and flexible family working - starting Green Tulip when her own children were just 4 and 1! On this International Women's Day we thought we’d share a little insight into what her days are like now - over 15 years on. We honestly don’t know how she packs it all in to 24 hours!
A day in the life of Charity...

Early start

I've always been in retail so love the buzz of a busy environment, however it isn't always the most conducive to getting the to-do list done! I'm finally free of school runs now the children are independent, so have learnt to get up a bit earlier and enjoy that lovely quiet hour before everyone arrives at work and the fun starts!

Time in the stockroom

Although I do spent a lot of my time at my desk, generally with my head in a spreadsheet (which I secretly love!), I'll also pop down to the stockroom at any opportunity. I'll do a bit of gift wrapping and message writing if I'm passing, and can't resist having a look through every stock order that arrives. It's the best thing about having a product business!


Daily fresh air

Lola comes to work with me everyday, and loves her mid morning walk in the fields outside the office. We are so lucky to be in such a rural location, and as well as being good for Lola it is really good for me. Depending on the day I'll listen to a podcast about websites or marketing, catch up with my shop partner Beth on the phone, or just take in the countryside and work out a few things in my head. 

Shuffling stock around

Being a business with two locations at least once a week I'll end up dropping some stock at the shop on the way home, or picking something up to move over to the warehouse. The shop celebrates it's 16th Birthday at the end of this month and I still love my Thursdays there (even if it is a bit cold in the winter!)

Time for netball

I'm a self confessed Netball superfan, and it is definitely my favourite way to wind down from my busy day. I still play for our local club - in my 16th season though slowly moving down through the teams now!! And am a season ticket holder for Team Bath - our local superleague team based up a Bath University.  

Chilled evenings

My day usually ends in my little office at home, which is one of my favourite calm spaces. It's got lots of plants, a wax melt burner and my own tv too (I have to admit to a weakness for reality tv, which is the perfect accompaniment to the light admin tasks I tend to get done in the evenings!).