Take no plastic bottles into the shower with shower blocks!

The whole Green Tulip team absolutely adore this brand - and for good reason. Shower Blocks offer a collection of beautifully fragranced plastic free alternatives to bottled shower gels and shampoos - totally solid versions made into a bar. When lathered with water, the blocks are bubbly, hydrating and totally plastic free - here to help remove single use plastics from showers all over the UK.

Brand Spotlight

Shower Blocks

Frustrated about the amount of shower gel bottles he was getting through, Founder Neil Whippey tried several plastic free products but struggled to find one that he was happy with. They were either drying on the skin, or far too expensive to consider for regular usage.


Over the course of the next 9 months (the 2020 UK lockdown really accelerated things), Neil taught himself to make cosmetics from scratch and set about creating Shower Blocks.

Close to 200 million shower gel bottles are purchased in the UK annually, with around 82 million of those not being recycled. That's not even counting the amount of separate shampoo and conditioner bottles!


Since then Shower Blocks has come up with more exciting innovations, expanding from solid shower gels to solid shampoo and conditioner bars too.

Neil works tirelessly to help save the planet and in Autumn 2022 set up an outdoor shower and swapped out hot water for freezing cold! The blocks still bubble up amazingly and he's LOVING the outdoor life!