Ethical Brand Review: Bambu

Bambu is all about sustainable, beautifully crafted bamboo products that bring elegance to your kitchen while respecting the environment.

Meet Jeff & Rachel

It's been an an incredible 20-year journey for Bambu founders, Jeff and Rachel. They embarked on their adventure back in 2003 when they introduced their first line of bamboo products to the world.

From the very beginning, Jeff & Rachel's mission was to reduce our reliance on plastic by offering people beautifully crafted, non-toxic products inspired by nature. Fast forward to today, and they're still dedicated to those core values - living and working in China alongside their team and producer groups to ensure the highest quality standards using locally and thoughtfully sourced materials and practices.

The primary material used is of course bamboo! - a never-ending renewable resource that grows rapidly, all without the need for pesticides or fertilisers.

Certified. B Corp

In 2018, Bambu earned its B Corp™ certification. B Corp stands for "Benefit Corporation," and it's all about businesses making a positive impact on the world while staying profitable.

Bambu and Green Tulip

We love everything about Bambu, from their ethical values to their fantastic products. Not only is it one of our favourites, it was one of the very first brands we ever sold on Green Tulip when we launched the site back in 2007.

We thought we’d take a trip down memory lane back to 2013 when our founder Charity visited Bambu in Shanghai. She had the pleasure of not only meeting the Bambu team but also getting to know the talented producers behind the scenes.

"My trip to see Bambu in 2013 was my first time in the Far East and I couldn't have asked for better guides! I had an amazing experience, seeing Shanghai through a resident's eyes, eating the best dim sum, and visiting the Bambu team in Xianyou to see 'real life' bamboo growing and how they work by hand to make it into the beautiful products we sell."

Bambu Bestsellers

Today, Bambu is still one of our bestselling g brands here at Green Tulip, here are a few of our most loved products from the range...

Bamboo Kitchen Basics - Set of 3, £13.00

Bamboo Pot & Pan Scraper, £2.25

Bamboo Eat/Drink Tool Kit, £12.50

Bamboo Classic Cutting & Serving Board, £25.00

Bamboo Spork, £2.40

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