Brand Spotlight: A Slice of Green

Looking for eco-friendly gift ideas?

Take a look at the brand A Slice of Green, whose mission is to help you make your life a little bit greener, one step at a time. Their range of eco-friendly products make thoughtful gifts for all budgets. 

A Slice of Green was created in 2015 by Green Tulip’s own founder, Charity Nichols. The range is perfect for eco-friendly gifting, and includes stainless steel lunchboxes and containers, recycled cotton produce bags, and other sustainable alternatives for around the home.

While looking for new products to stock, she became increasingly aware of brands that claimed to be sustainable, but were actually mostly mass-producing products that included a large amount of plastic. Not exactly suitable for sustainable gifting!



Real sustainability

Charity recognised a need and created A Slice of Green - a selection of stylish, reusable products that help people live sustainably. The products are practical and straightforward to use, making them easy to incorporate into daily life.

The products represent all elements of sustainability:

  • In the behaviour change it encouraged
  • In the materials used to make the products
  • In the simple designs that would not go out of fashion
  • In the production methods that would support positive employment and skill development
Our Wiltshire-based headquarters (shared with Green Tulip!) is the creative hub where all products in the range are designed, in collaboration with our amazing producers. Starting with stainless steel lunchboxes, over the years the range has grown to a wide selection of plastic-free storage and reusable solutions, including recycled cotton produce bags, wooden cleaning brushes with plant based bristles and organic cotton reusable wipes.

Responsibly sourced

Charity puts immense emphasis on responsibly sourcing products. She eliminates any middleman and travels to the suppliers to make sure that production is ethical. This way she can ensure that all products are ethically produced.

Charity has a no-negotiation policy on pricing. She pays the suppliers whatever amount they specify as she strongly believes in providing fair compensation for quality goods and services. She also wants to ensure that the producers are able to adequately pay their staff a fair wage. Sustainable gifting goes beyond what materials the product is made out of.

A Slice of Green Bestsellers

Functional and stylish, A Slice of Green is one of our most popular brands for eco-friendly gifting. Here are some of its best-selling products:

Rampur  Lunch Box , £20

Stainless Steel Spork, £5

Mesh Produce Bag, £3.50


Reusable Wipes, £6.50

Morri Container, £7


View the  A Slice of Green Range