A Day in the Life of Emily

A few months ago, we shared a day in the life of our founder, Charity, for International Women's Day. We had such a lovely response from this, so we thought you might like to see what other members of our small team get up to.

First up - meet Emily. If you follow us on Instagram you will have seen her rather a lot before! She’s the one giving you updates on what’s happening at Green Tulip behind the scenes.

Emily also photographs all of our beautiful products, and we also lean on her as our gifting expert! She is fantastic at coming up with gift ideas and puts together the gift guides and collections on Green Tulip to help our customers find the perfect gift.

Here's a little insight into what she gets up to in 24 hours...

Morning pick me-up

I try to start the morning with a lively mint tea before scrapping the teenager out of bed and onto the school bus.

I get to work and make a coffee, then another. Charity and I have a brief catch up and make a plan for the day. There’s always so much going on, so organization is key.

Let's get started!

After I’ve checked my emails and posted on our social media, I might make a start on product photography, could be chocolate, could be scrubbing brushes. I look at the brand and the products and decide what style is needed for our website. I like that every task is different and that is perfect for the way my mind works – I’m not a very ‘routine’ person.

Adding a personal touch

Another job I relish is handwriting our customers personalised messages on our free postcards. You see a whole range of emotions – it’s actually a privilege to be part of a customer's gifting experience, although being an old softy, some can get me a bit emotional.


My passion for products

After a chatty lunch in the sun (if it's out) I will spend time processing photos or work on graphics for postcards/banners for the website.

I absolutely love products so there's nothing that brings me more joy than merchandising the website, researching new brands and buying new products with Charity.

Volunteering in the village

My work day goes pretty quickly. As soon as I get home it's homework, cooking or clubs. I volunteer with a few things in my village. Youth Club is a hoot, and this time of year we try to get the kids outside, building Go Karts or playing games. Chatting with the kids is brilliant, they put things into perspective and keep me open minded. Their optimism is truly inspiring.

"Relaxed" evenings

I try to walk most evening too. Spending time outside is so good for my mental health. I live in a beautiful spot and an evening stroll is another way for me to count my blessing. Hopefully I will dodge watching an episode of ‘Walking Dead’ with my son before bed. Not my ideal bedtime story but he says we are sharing quality time. Bonding with the zombies – who knew?

We hope you enjoyed reading about what Emily gets up to both at work and at home. We'll be sharing more like this for the rest of the team over the coming months so keep your eyes peeled!

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