The Delta Force Flyers
The Delta Force Flyers
The Delta Force Flyers

The Delta Force Flyers

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Children will love making and flying their very own space jets with this fun activity set. With no more than seven easy steps to make each model, the set includes 20 space jets and 2 spy drones in a variety of different designs - guaranteed to provide hours or entertainment.

Made from recycled card and paper, it’s a planet friendly alternative to plastic toys.

Recommended age 5+ years.
Pack size approximately 15cm wide x 23cm high.
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Make and fly your own paper space jets with this space themed paper plane kit which includes a fun activity booklet. Fold 20 delta flyers with 5 different designs and see how far you can fly them!

Key features include:-

20 x space jet sheets, 2 x helicopter spy drones
Target practice sheet
Clear, step-by-step, full colour picture-based instruction booklet
No glue or scissors needed
Plastic-free for a happier planet
Made from FSC certified recycled paper
Recommended age 5+ years

Pack size approximately 15cm wide x 23cm high.

Designed in Britain and responsibly produced in China.
About the Brand
London based founder Rob Dakin has a long history of toy and game design as well as working with schools, colleges and community groups on projects tackling issues such as social inclusion, obesity and bullying. With the emergence of social media, mobile phones and games consoles, children have changed the way they play and interact with each other, and not necessarily for the better.

Rob was keen to bring back the old fashioned concepts of imagination and fun - to create products that encourage children to play whether on their own, inspired by their imagination, or together with friends and family. His main focus was with designs based on wholesome family values and a “make and do” ethos that is reminiscent of simpler times.

In 2011, after a great deal of hard work, Clockwork Soldier was born, offering creative paper activities and craft kits for big imaginations of all ages.

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