The idea for Clockwork Soldier came in 2010 from the back bedroom of founder Rob Dakin’s London flat. With a long history of toy and game design as well as working with schools, colleges and community groups on projects tackling issues such as social inclusion, obesity and bullying, Rob felt there was a need for beautiful alternatives to traditional toys, particularly to fill the gap in the market for creative kits aimed at boys.

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The story behind Clockwork Soldier


Rob was keen to bring back the old fashioned concepts of imagination and fun - to create products that encourage children to play whether on their own, inspired by their imagination, or together with friends and family. After a great deal of hard work, Clockwork Soldier was born, offering creative paper activities and craft kits for big imaginations of all ages.


Over the years the brand has developed to include holistic learning themes and the use of sustainable materials. Offerings have covered gardening kits, stationery sets, puzzles, games and novelty gifts - and all produced and packaged without a plastic tag in sight!In 2022 the Clockwork Soldier Team had a proud moment on stage at the NEC to receive the Gift of the Year Award 2022!

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    British brand Clockwork Soldier offers a vast collection of creative paper and card activity kits for big imaginations of all ages! The kits are unique, educational and fun and are produced using recycled materials from sustainable sources.

    Why I Love Clockwork Soldier

    I think Clockwork Soldier toys offer so much for a great price - and stand out in a world of overpackaged plastic toys. I love chatting with founder Rob at trade shows about the story behind his latest inventions - each kit is both cleverly designed and fun to play. What's not to love!

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