The family behind multi award winning brand Tikiri had been manufacturing and exporting a wide collection of baby toys for leading global brands since 1991. In 2013 the family took their abundant love and knowledge of toys and toddlers and launched Tikiri - a brand dedicated to making only top-quality handcrafted toys that promote a child’s physical and emotional development.

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The story behind Tikiri


Tikiri — which means “teeny tiny” in its native language of Sinhala — is based in Sri Lanka, a beautiful tropical island in the Indian Ocean where it has been growing rubber trees since the 1800s. In 1876 about 2000 seedlings were sent to Ceylon (modern day Sri Lanka) which started off its rubber plantations. All Tikiri's rubber is sourced directly from a local, family run organic plantation so reduces transportation costs and CO2 emissions of its main raw material, as well as supporting small businesses in its own country.


Since the early days Tikiri has gone from strength to strength. In March 2021, it received accreditation as the first and only company globally ever to produce certified organic rubber baby toys. It has also received certifications from the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) for continuous improvement of ethical and responsible practices of supply chains, and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOLS) for its latex - not to mention numerous toy industry awards including Ethical Gift of The Year 2020!

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    Sri Lankan brand Tikiri produce sustainable organic rubber toys for babies that are biodegradable, non-toxic and 100% plastic free. A safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic toys which can take thousands of years to break down.

    Why I Love Tikiri

    I think these cute animals make a practical and useful gift - something new parents will be very grateful for! Fun in the bath and comforting for teething babies too - the challenge is which one to choose!

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