Canadian born interior designer Christen Irwin had always been passionate about design and was selling screen-printed items at farmer’s markets.

The idea for Ten and Co came in 2012 after receiving an eco-friendly sponge cloth gifted from a friend. She quickly noticed the environmental impact of many commonly used kitchen items so set about creating her own eco-friendly and beautifully-designed Swedish Sponge Cloths.

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The story behind Ten and Co.


The following year Ten and Co was born and, along with her son (which she herself claims was insane!), she brought her super absorbent, reusable, functional and compostable Swedish Sponge Cloths to the North American market.

Over the next six years, the brand grew to include cotton and linen blend tea towels printed using toxic-free, water-based dyes and other eco kitchen items.


Being wife to Dave and an extremely busy mum of two, Christen herself admits the road to building your own business is a bumpy one! But her inspiring journey has proven that pursuing your passion is wholeheartedly rewarding and worthwhile.

The business continued to grow quickly and in August 2021 Christen opened a shop in her home town of Oakville, Ontario.

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    Ten and Co. are proud to be one of the first brands to bring Swedish sponge cloths to the market back in 2013. Made from repurposed cellulose and cotton offcuts, the cloths are super absorbent and could replace up to 40 rolls of single use paper towels.

    Why I Love Ten and Co.

    When a product becomes widely available, which cellulose sponge cloths are these days, I'm always proud that Green Tulip stocks one of the original brands on the market - which also happens to be the most well designed! The perfect example of a gift that is both beautiful and practical!

    Green Tulip Founder